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Our Olive trees, reflection of our passion

Our Olive Grove


Our Olive grove is approximately composed of 1000 olive trees. They are all scattered around our beautiful valley around our vines. We count 7 different variety of olive trees. We believe in a very organic agriculture on our oilve grove as well as on our vines. That is why we never use any pesticides. The pruning and the harvest is made by handOur superior olive oil is issued only from our olives and only by mechanical milled process. it is then cold extracted. We always prefer quality versus quantity. Our olive oil has been classified as Virgin extra.


Mapliers Olive grove
Mapliers Olive grove
Mapliers Olive grove

Photograph by Nathalie Gallo Copyright 2014 © 

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Domaine des Mapliers
4108 Route de Carces
Tel: +33 (0) 6 29424041

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